NZF attend World Zakat Forum 2018

Foundation (NZF) travelled to Melaka, Malaysia, to represent the UK at this year’s annual World Zakat Forum (WZF).

Just like NZF, the World Zakat Forum develops and encourages the practice of Zakat, in order to strengthen Islam, unify Muslims, and amplify the impact Muslims are making on their own communities, as well as the global community.

The World Zakat Forum holds regular international conferences, and invites the world’s leading experts and organisations to join the discussion on Zakat, its purpose, potential, collection, distribution, and impact.

WZF asked the National Zakat Foundation to lead a seminar on Zakat and its role in Islam in the twenty-first century.

Our Head of Research, Mufti Faraz Adam, presented NZF’s core beliefs and aspirations to an audience of experts, researchers, policy makers, business leaders, and philanthropists in his lecture ‘Zakat Philosophy and Goals: Establishing a True Zakat Framework’.

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Author: The Muslim Wealth Portal

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