Binary Options explained in new paper

Ever wondered what the difference between Halal investing and gambling is? What about Binary Options?

The Shariyah Review Bureau (SRB), a Sharia Advisor licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain, have published a paper explaining derivatives in detail; what binary options are; and provided Sharia analysis against these investment models. Download the paper using the link below.

Mufti Faraz Adam from Amanah Finance Consultancy, a Sharia Consultant at SRB authored this paper, which was also peer reviewed. Formed in 2006, SRB offer Sharia Advisory and Audit Services to clients in 19 countries and have worked with more than 100 companies.

Based in the UK, Amanah Finance Consultancy provides a Shariah advisory service for corporates, organisations, businesses, investors, asset managers, scholars, Imams, academics and individual clients.

Binary Options: When investment becomes gambling

Author: The Muslim Wealth Portal

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