Ramadan: The Month of Productivity and Change


With only a few days of Ramadan remaining, preparations are well under way for Eid celebrations. However, now is a perfect time to reflect on your financial affairs. The Muslim Wealth Portal promotes Ramadan as the month of productivity. So let’s take this opportunity to see if we can ethically improve the state of our wealth.

This weekend, try to review how productive you’ve been with your studies, work or running a business, since last Ramadan. You may have decided to take time out from work in the run up to Eid or, having completed exams are now relaxing! So there’s still time to reflect on your wealth and more specifically, your finances.

To help you consider all the options for managing wealth ethically, The Muslim Wealth Portal provides signposting to a host of organisations operating in the UK that can support your needs. Explore this website to find out who they are and see if you can make a small change right now.

Here’s a list of questions we think are important for consumers and businesses alike, to reflect upon in these last few days of Ramadan. Ultimately, we encourage you to consider change or at least make the intention to do so:

I have a conventional interest bearing bank account. Are there any Islamic Banking providers in the UK?

Yes, visit our Banking page to find out more. You can also consider opening a Sharia compliant ISA or Fixed Term Deposit or Notice Account.

I want to invest money for my future. Are there Halal ways I can do this in the UK?

Yes, visit our Investing page to find out more. If you’re not aware already, we’ve listed ethical providers who offer Child Trust Funds, Pensions and Investing options.

I need to buy a house for my family. Can I secure Sharia compliant finance to do this in the UK?

Yes, assuming you meet acceptance criteria (just the same as a conventional mortgage), you can consider an Islamic Home Purchase Plan. Visit our Property page to find out more.

I am interested in pursuing a career in Islamic Finance in the UK. Can I obtain recognised qualifications?

Yes, visit our Learning page to find out more. You can choose from higher education courses, private training or formal accredited training.

I am confused about Islamic Finance. Are there any experts in the UK I can speak to for guidance?

Yes, visit our Resources page to find out more. We have a library of guides and have listed a comprehensive selection of networks and professional advisers you can approach.

I really want to put my wealth to better use. Are there places I can spend my money in a Halal way?

Yes, visit our Lifestyle page to find out more. Whether it’s food, festivals or holidays abroad, we’ve listed places Muslim and non-Muslim people can spend!

Finally, let’s not forget those less fortunate than ourselves – Ramadan is also a time for sharing and appreciating the wealth we have so remember to share 2.5% of your wealth through Zakat. Eid Mubarak!


Author: The Muslim Wealth Portal

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