Ramadan: Time to put faith back into your wealth

Muslim people traditionally think of ethical finance as a way to secure a residential, investment or commercial property, through avoiding interest. True however, Muslim Wealth covers every aspect of financial dealings.

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The Muslim Wealth Portal is the only comprehensive and dedicated website for UK consumers and businesses (Muslim or not), to identify providers of Islamic Finance solutions. We only offer guidance, not advice.

What makes Islamic Finance Halal?

Because managing wealth ethically covers spending, saving, borrowing, investing and learning, here’s a quick list of things you can find on The Muslim Wealth Portal this Ramadan, which is a great time to reflect on your finances:

Ethical Consumer and Business Banks in the UK

Ethical Savings and Investment Options in the UK

Residential, Buy-To-Let and Commercial Property Finance

University and Professional Training for Islamic Finance

Halal Spending options for Food, Festivals and Travel

Industry Guides, Islamic Finance Services and Networks

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Author: The Muslim Wealth Portal

Navigating the UK towards Halal Finance