The Which? guide to Islamic Finance and Sharia-compliant savings

Danielle Richardson from Which? has written an easy to read article about how Sharia-compliant finance works and which Islamic Banks are based in the UK. The Muslim Wealth Portal thought this was a useful article and worthy of sharing!

Don’t forget, for a comprehensive list of Halal Finance options (accessible by Muslim and non-Muslim people alike) simply browse the links at the top of this page. We’ve listed all the providers of Islamic Finance solutions in the UK and whats more, we don’t receive commission nor charge for them to appear here.

We note the banks mentioned in the Which? article don’t have links to the respective websites so you could search for them online. However, we’ve categorised all providers against their offering on The Muslim Wealth Portal to save you hassle and time.

Read the Which? reference guide to learn more about what Islamic Finance is and where to access Home Purchase Plans and savings products, particularly if you’ve never heard about this type of finance before. And if you haven’t noticed already, The Muslim Wealth Portal only signposts and does not aim to educate people (as you can see, there’s plenty of resources online that do) so we’re really keen to share useful articles if we see them.

You can of course navigate The Muslim Wealth Portal for providers of other services such as Work Place Pensions – you’ll be surprised as to how much the UK market has to offer anyone looking for alternative ethical finance products and services.

To read Danielle’s article, visit Which?

Author: The Muslim Wealth Portal

Navigating the UK towards Halal Finance