What makes The Muslim Wealth Portal useful?


We believe everyone is entitled to financial flexibility hence why we only signpost to ethical options and share news impacting your wealth. We are an independent entity whose sole purpose is to raise awareness of organisations offering Islamic Finance in the UK. The Muslim Wealth Portal is the UK’s directory for consumers & businesses.

It’s essential for anyone in the UK to know where to search for Halal finance and ethical wealth management options. This allows people to choose providers directly or appoint a professional representative to offer advice and suggest a suitable solution. As wealth is not limited to earning and investing, we’ve also got a Lifestyle section, to signpost you on ways to spend ethically!

Halal Finance is open to all due of its ethics of shared risk, fairness and transparency. So, if you’re a consumer or business looking for Sharia Pensions, Islamic Banks, Home Purchase Plans and Halal Investments, navigate our website. Isn’t it time you put faith back into your wealth?

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Author: The Muslim Wealth Portal

Navigating the UK towards Halal Finance