“Tried-and-tested scams still pose huge threat” says Citizens Advice, as fraudsters on average pocket almost £3,000 per victim

Over 11,000 complaints were made to Citizens Advice consumer service last year by people suspicious about possible offline scams.

These classic tactics from the scammers’ playbook include unsolicited doorstep selling, mail and cold calling, and saw people lose an average of almost £3,000. Scams sent through the post resulted in the highest average loss at £5,435.

Citizens Advice found that, despite an overall increase in online scams, more than half (58%) of scams reported to the charity in the last year were using these well-established methods. Fraudsters using these methods are known to overwhelmingly target older, more vulnerable people.

A total of 19,500 scams were reported to the charity’s consumer service in 2018, an 8% increase from the year before.

Additional polling commissioned by Citizens Advice showed six in 10 people (61%) reported being targeted by a scam in the past two years. Of those targeted, less than half (48%) said they told anyone about it.

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Author: The Muslim Wealth Portal

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