UK Islamic FinTech Panel Re-launched for 2019

London:  The independent group of Islamic finance and fintech practitioners re-convened under the UK Islamic FinTech Panel ahead of UK FinTech Week this week. The Panel, first formed in 2018, aims to promote the UK Islamic fintech sector.

In 2019 the Panel aims to build on the work of the previous year with a greater focus on connecting entrepreneurs with government, and building international connections with the inclusion of participants from Bahrain, Dubai and Pakistan.

The Panel continues to be chaired by Harris Irfan, Partner at Gateway Islamic Advisory LLP, and a widely recognised leading authority on Islamic finance.

The achievements from the inaugural year of the Panel include networking the UK Islamic fintech community, the involvement of UK government observers, creating international connections and the launch of offshoot projects to support the sector.

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Author: The Muslim Wealth Portal

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