The Muslim Wealth Portal does not offer financial advice or services. You should seek independent financial advice before making any decisions or entering into contracts. The options listed below are for information purposes only.

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

Non-consumer buy to let financing for individual and corporate clients seeking financing or refinancing residential property held for purposes of a buy to let business only.

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Ahli United Bank

Home finance solutions for clients based in the UK or overseas, in accordance with Islamic Shari’ah, looking to purchase a property for private residence or for investment purposes in the UK.

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Al Rayan Bank

Buy To Let Purchase Plans (BTLPP) use the Islamic finance principles of Co-ownership (Diminishing Musharaka) with Leasing (Ijara).

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Gatehouse Bank

But-to-Let property, expanding a portfolio or refinance existing properties.

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Qatar Islamic Bank

QIB (UK) offers investment options and financing solutions for customers looking to acquire real estate properties, or looking to refinance existing properties.

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United Bank Limited (UK)

UBL’s Islamic Buy to Let facility complies with Shariah law.

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